Residential Real Estate

The Right Attorney for Residential Real Estate Closings

Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing a home or other real estate property, or you’re a lender financing a residential real estate transaction, you want to have a smooth, issue-free closing. Having an experienced and responsive lawyer handle your transaction can make all the difference. 

Close, Personal Attention to your Closing

You want direct access to an attorney who will pick up the phone, answer your email, and respond to a text promptly, not pass you off to a legal assistant. At our firm, Attorney Lewis handles all closings personally, from start to finish.

Attorney Lewis is well-versed in Connecticut real estate law, ensuring compliance and promoting a smooth transaction.

His deep understanding of local regulations, market conditions, and his extensive local legal and real estate banking network can expedite the closing process and prevent potential issues.

You will have the advantage of our firm’s broad experience, and our ability to anticipate and solve problems before they arise.

Resolving Pre- and Post-Closing Issues

In the event that unforeseeable issues do arise, Attorney Lewis leans on his four decades of experience handling basic to the most complex closings efficiently and skillfully.

It’s important to hire a real estate attorney who will thoroughly review property records, identify any potential encumbrances, and help resolve any disputes in a careful, forward-looking, and efficient way.

Attorney Lewis is accomplished in handling post-closing complications as well. These matters can involve deed restrictions, easements, prescriptive easements, and title issues, including boundary line disputes.

It is of the utmost importance to hire a real estate attorney who is adept at understanding, explaining and resolving these issues.

Real Estate Lawyers for Buyers, Sellers, and Lenders

If you’ve bought or sold a home or property before, you know there is a mountain of paperwork to sign at a closing!

It may seem like a pile of paperwork to you, but to an experienced real estate lawyer, it’s a well-organized collection of essential legal documents that must be reviewed and executed with precision. 

They’re designed to not only securely transfer a property, but importantly, to prevent future problems associated with the transfer from arising down the road. It’s a painstaking process that requires careful attention.

Experiencing a Real Estate Dispute? We can help.

For Property Buyers

Attorney Lewis has helped homeowners buy and sell properties hundreds of times, but he knows that every closing is unique. He’ll handle your transaction with fresh eyes and a methodical approach you’ll appreciate.

He can help with reviewing and negotiating your purchase agreement, and will conduct a title search and advise you of title issues, if any, in a timely fashion.

Representing Property Sellers

If you’re selling real estate, Attorney Lewis will be a trusted legal resource to prepare and review your contracts, ensure you’re in compliance with disclosure requirements, and help you navigate negotiations where needed.

Property Lender Representation

Real estate lenders rely on Attorney Lewis to ensure that all documentation of the transaction is properly executed and filed with the appropriate bodies, and that funds are transmitted seamlessly. They know that Attorney Lewis will protect their interests at all stages of the real estate transaction.
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