Real Estate Disputes

Protect Your Interests and Navigate the Legal System Successfully

When real estate disputes arise, they can feel  legally complex and emotionally charged. A skilled attorney specialized in real estate law is the ally you need to navigate these often very contentious disputes. 

Having a real estate attorney with deep experience resolving hundreds of disputes is crucial. You need an attorney who will listen to you, keep a cool head, and guide you with a smart legal strategy to resolve it.

What to Do When Real Estate Disputes Arise

Whether you want your real estate dispute to come to an amicable resolution, or you need representation in court to get the results required, Attorney Lewis has the experience, skill, and perspective you’ll want on your team. 

Attorney Lewis is accomplished in handling post-closing complications as well. These matters can involve deed restrictions, easements, prescriptive easements, title issues, boundary line disputes and revisions, obligations that run with the land, and adverse possession claims.

He offers vast legal expertise in real estate matters, plus an extraordinary ability to calm tensions and negotiate settlements where possible, as well as litigate them to fruition if necessary.  In addition to his legal training as a trial lawyer, Attorney Lewis holds a degree in Psychology which he credits for his ability to strategize, negotiate and mediate disputes successfully.


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