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Compassionate Advice 

Attorney Lewis understands not only the law, but also human nature. He brings a background in Psychology to the practice of law. He is not only a shrewd negotiator, but he also advises clients with care and compassion.

Strategic Negotiation

A trained litigator who has the ability to maintain a cool, rational head in any circumstance is so important to legal issues. Attorney Lewis is known for his ability to craft sound legal strategies, anticipate the moves of his legal opponents, and negotiate successfully on behalf of his clients.

Local Connection 

Attorney Lewis has practiced law in CT for decades. He knows his way around the legal system and courts, and has a broad network of contacts to draw upon for ancillary services from accounting to real estate finance.

Our Practice Areas

Residential Real Estate

From real estate closings to dispute resolution and litigation.

Commercial Real Estate

Transaction negotiations, closings, dispute resolution and litigation.

Estates & Trusts

Planning and preparation of Wills and Trusts, Living Wills, and Health Care Proxies as well as Administration.

Businesses Representation

Representation and guidance for Contracts, Employment Law, Corporate Law, and Commercial Transactions.

Local Counsel in CT

When you need local counsel to handle matters for out-of-state Estates & Trusts or Real Estate, our firm has the experience you need.


Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Estates & Trusts, and Business Litigation.

What Clients Say

Scott was the cavalry for us. Within 24 hours, he brought the following qualities that would stay with us throughout the course of the lawsuit.

- Decisiveness, he never hesitated to take action.

- Calmness, he has great patience for questions

- Listening, he enjoyed talking through his strategy with us and he truly is concerned about his clients well being

- Highly intelligent, one of the highlights is watching him outmaneuver his opposition.

Our world became much better having had Scott Lewis in our corner. Scott won the case for us, with the turning points being his personal characteristics mentioned above. Even after the lawsuit was over, Scott has always been available for consultations and a quick phone call.
Juan & Elizabeth A.