Estates & Trusts Litigation

Will Contests

When a will is contested, the services of a probate lawyer who is experienced in litigation are important to represent beneficiaries, heirs, and other interested parties.

Attorney Lewis has experience assessing the circumstances, gathering evidence, and developing a strong legal strategy to present in court with respect to will contests. 

Our firm advocates for your rights.


When administering an estate or trust, our firm assists beneficiaries by preparing or reviewing accounting reports of the executors, trustees, or administrators. 

Thoroughly examining the financial records and verifying the accounting accuracy, we help to identify any mismanagement, breaches of fiduciary duty, or improper distributions that may have occurred. 

If found, we can initiate legal action where necessary to demand an accurate accounting, seek removal of the fiduciary, or pursue other appropriate remedies on behalf of the beneficiaries.

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