Real Estate Litigation

A Real Estate Litigator Rooted in CT

Attorney Lewis knows the playing field in Connecticut real estate litigation. A seasoned trial attorney, he brings his courtroom experience and deep knowledge of CT real estate law to every case.

His cool-headed, strategic mindset is particularly valued by clients who need to weigh the risks and benefits of taking their case to court. 

A Savvy Real Estate Litigation Strategist

Attorney Lewis has a reputation for being a master strategist who can quickly identify the most compelling aspects of a case, weed out the emotion, and apply a strategic legal framework to the problem. 

He carefully evaluates all aspects of his client’s situation, anticipates possible moves by the opposing side, and then crafts an effective plan to get the best results.

Sound Legal Advice, Close Personal Attention

Clients often say how comfortable Attorney Lewis makes them feel, and how empowering it is to get a solid understanding of  the legal issues they face with respect to their real estate case. Our firm keeps clients apprised and involved, and helps them feel confident about what to expect during litigation.

Cool, Rational, and Compassionate

Attorney Lewis has a keen understanding of the emotional impact real estate litigation can have on his clients. He understands not only the law, but also human nature. He brings a background in Psychology to the practice of law.

He’s a skilled trial attorney, a smart negotiator, and also a compassionate advisor. He maintains a cool, rational head in any circumstance, crafts sound legal strategies, and strives to negotiate successfully on behalf of his clients.

Real Estate Litigation Services

  • Residential Dispute Litigation
  • Commercial Dispute Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution

What Clients Say

“Upon our arrival in Connecticut, we were greeted with a law suit notice … which concerned the real estate transaction for the purchase of our house. Scott was the cavalry for us. Within 24 hours, he brought the following qualities: decisiveness, calmness, listening, highly intelligent. One of the highlights is watching him outmaneuver his opposition.

Scott won the case for us, with the turning points being his personal characteristics mentioned above. We would highly recommend Scott Lewis to any client and that client should feel a great sense of confidence and reassurance by having Scott on their side.”

– Juan & Elizabeth A.
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