Administration of Estates & Trusts

An Experienced Probate Attorney in CT

Attorney Lewis is a probate attorney who is well-versed in CT probate laws and procedures. Probate proceedings can be complex, involving various legal requirements and deadlines. In Connecticut, there is variation in procedures between each town or city’s probate court. 

It is essential to have an attorney who is familiar with the inner workings of the various probate courts. 

Navigating probate processes is even more challenging when the estate involves out-of-state property transfers and ancillary estates.

Lewis & Lewis provides local counsel in Connecticut to out-of-state clients and attorneys in cases involving Connecticut estate matters and property transfers.

We offer out-of-state attorneys local representation grounded in an in-depth understanding of Connecticut’s specific probate regulations, ensuring complete legal compliance.

Experienced with Connecticut Probate Courts

Sometimes executors who are handling the probating of a loved one’s estate find probate administration stressful, complex, or emotional. Attorney Lewis provides warm and wise support throughout the entire process.

With our experience in Connecticut probate courts, we offer experience and understanding of the specific nuances, practices, and preferences of local probate judges and clerks. We’re experts in efficiently navigating the system and expediting the probate process.

Lewis & Lewis offers personalized guidance based on our deep knowledge of Connecticut laws and local real estate practices. We can provide insights into property transfers, tax implications, and any specific requirements unique to Connecticut.

Our services help ensure that the transfer of out-of-state property complies with all relevant legal provisions, minimizing the risk of errors or disputes.

Local Counsel for Probate Proceedings

With Lewis & Lewis as your local representative, we provide effective and efficient communication and coordination with all parties involved in the probate proceedings: local beneficiaries, creditors, and anyone else who needs to be kept abreast of the process. We’ll keep things moving and reduce potential miscommunication or delays. We are responsive and efficient.

As a local probate attorney, Attorney Lewis can also attend in-person court hearings, meetings, and all other necessary proceedings. As an out-of-state executor or estate administrator, you get professional  representation and advocacy. The estate’s interests are protected and any potential challenges or disputes are appropriately addressed.

Professional Connections 

Attorney Lewis has practiced law in CT for decades. He knows his way around the legal system and courts, and has a broad network of contacts to draw upon for ancillary services from accounting to real estate finance.

Estates & Trusts Administration Services

  • Probate of Estates
  • Dispute Resolution including representation in all CT Probate Courts
  • Release of liens
  • Multi-State Estate Probate/Local Counsel in CT
  • CT Representation of Out of State Estates
  • Property transfers in CT
  • Ancillary Estates
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